Questions and Answers

Here we answer some of the questions you may have.

Here we answer some of the questions you may have.

We hope that you will consider making Glover’s your home.

Please take a look at these questions and answers before applying. If you have other queries, please get in touch.


How long can I live at Glover’s?

Residents of almshouse accommodation do not have the same rights as tenants. They are beneficiaries of the charitable trust who are licensed to stay in the almshouse for as long as they meet the terms of their residency. This is almost always given for a lifetime. We want to help residents live comfortable, satisfying lives and our cottages generally remain a resident’s home for as long as they are able to live independently.

Who can apply to live at Glover’s?

Applicants should be Birmingham residents and aged 6o or over. You should be a non-smoker and in sufficiently good health to live independently. Our almshouse charter also requires you to show evidence of disadvantage or need.  So, for example, you must not be an existing homeowner or working full-time as it is likely you would be in a position to buy or rent suitable accommodation privately.

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed.

Application process

Can I visit before applying?

Yes, our scheme manager would be happy to show you around. You can arrange a convenient time by getting in touch.

How do I apply?

Download and print off our Application form Please fill it in fully and post it to us at the address given.

What happens after I make my application?

We will let you know that we have received your application and what availability we have. Before we can offer accommodation, we need to assess each applicant for their suitability for an almshouse cottage. This will involve an informal interview with our chairman at Glover’s when we have a vacancy available. If successful, we will make a formal offer of accommodation.


What bills would I have to pay?

Your weekly maintenance contribution covers most of the cost of living at Glover’s. The other main expenses you will need to pay for are Council Tax, gas, electricity and telephone bills. Here is more information about what is and isn’t included.

What is an almshouse?

Dating back centuries, almshouses are the earliest recorded form of affordable housing. The early almshouses were called hospitals and were founded by religious orders to care for the sick and poor, especially the elderly. Later, wealthy benefactors and industrialists, like Sarah Glover, carried on the tradition. The demand for almshouses continues today, with around 1,750 almshouse charities in Britain providing over 30,000 homes. Many have been extended, renovated or even new ones built – just like we are doing here now at Glover’s.

What is Glover’s Trust?

We are an almshouse charity and a non-profit-making organisation. For the running of the homes we rely on weekly maintenance contributions received from residents and whatever interest we receive from our investments.

What is the emergency alarm system?

We use the Appello careline service which gives you peace of mind that you can alert people to help you in an emergency, 24 hours a day. Your home is connected through either your telephone landline or a portable handset. Help is called by touching the button or pressing a pendant that you wear.

What support services would I receive?

We do not provide any form of nursing care to residents. Our accommodation is suitable for independent living so you must be able to look after yourself, with support if necessary from a social care package. Our scheme manager provides daily weekday calls from his office on site and can help if you are in difficulties. An emergency alarm system is available at all times.

What type of accommodation is available?

There are 33 cottages at Glover’s. All of the our cottages are self-contained, one bedroomed and unfurnished. Currently we have no cottages available (as at March 2024). You can also apply at anytime to join our waiting list. Here is more information about the cottages.

Glover's Trust

Glover's Trust is a registered charity providing historic almshouses for older people in need of affordable housing.

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