Accommodating a way to both stay and move

Glover's Trust resident Hazel

The refurbishment of cottages at Glover’s has given a longstanding resident further reason to love living here.

Hazel has lived at Glover’s for almost 13 years, in a cottage situated on the top terrace. She has recently moved into a different cottage, near to the site’s entrance.

“I casually mentioned I’d like to move down in the world – as it were! – and happily that’s been possible,” explains Hazel.  “I loved my old cottage but I was becoming less keen on the steps leading up to it.  So when I was offered a move to this cottage at the front, I was thrilled.”

The move means Hazel is living next to the scheme manager’s office and residents’ lounge, where she enjoys attending the weekly coffee mornings and other social events.

She is also closer to the main road outside, for the bus and for friends and family picking her up for her many jaunts out.

“I love meeting up with friends for our monthly lunch together, and last night I went to see a show at the local Highbury Little Theatre,” says Hazel.

“I also enjoy helping at a local playgroup in Erdington every week. It’s close to where I lived for almost 50 years and brought up my own children, twin sons and a daughter. I even took my two granddaughters there when they were younger,” she recalls.

“I had a wonderful mother-in-law who lived with us for 16 years. Sadly my husband Bill died at a relatively young age but I had the support of good friends and neighbours.”

It was only when people with noisy and untidy behaviour moved in next door that Hazel decided she wanted to move out of the family house.

“My daughter-in-law made enquiries at Glover’s and found me the perfect place to live,” remembers Hazel.  “I was made very welcome from the start and have always found it a friendly place, where I can get on with everyone. I’m now looking forward to the next chapter of living here, in my lovely new and refurbished home.”